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How to Choose the Size and Quality of Diamond Wedding Ring

As you have probably known already, diamond wedding ring is one of the most popular choice of a wedding ring. Many people choose it out of tradition, although many are simply mesmerized by its beauty and brilliance. However, choosing the … Continue reading

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How to Select the Right Diamond Shape for Wedding Ring

Diamond wedding ring is a classic and timeless piece. It is the traditional choice of ring which survives the passage of time as it continues to be among the most popular center gems. Not only it is renowned for its … Continue reading

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Large Pear Sapphire Ring Enhancer

What a ring enhancer! This item is perfect for any solitaire engagement rings. Pear-shaped sapphire ring enhancer comes with 10k white gold available in many jewelry shop, because this sapphire cut already trending nowadays, but in online shopping like Amazon … Continue reading

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