World most expensive diamond rings

Well we have list of world most expensive diamond rings, check this out:

1. De Beers Platinum Berlian in this ring was very luxurious and had the very perfect radiance. A diamond stone weighing 9 rust made this ring that was most expensive didunia.. with his perfection appropriate if this ring dibandrol with the price fantastik $1.83 million…!!

2. Tiffany was Oval Diamond Apakah you extravagant people and liked matters that glamour?? Then Tiffany’s diamond really was suitable for you. The ring on the side left was installed an oval kind diamond 14.79 rust costing $ 1,46 million and the ring on the side right was gotten the diamond 12.3 rust have the shape of like the pillow costing $800.000!!

3. Internally Flawless Cincin this kind of the platinum diamond was the collection from the House of Perhiasan Elizabeth Taylor, Los Angeles. In the middle of this ring was gotten the oval diamond 5.98 rust and was surrounded 3.96 round diamond rust totalling ten, so as to form a flower. Prepare the fund as big as $1.3 million to bring came home this ring……

4. Secret Kiss of the Rose Bintang football of David Beckham memakaikan this diamond ring to Victorian Beckham dipesta their marriage. Pay attention to this ring, in the middle was gotten the diamond was pink 0,8 rust that was surrounded by the white diamond 4.15 rust that made him to be very luxurious.. the pretty Ring could be redeemed with $525,000..!!

5. Asscher Cut Diamond] this Ring was the first time developed during 1902, but desaign him at that time was not yet perfect.

So what do you think about world most expensive diamond rings above? This article written with poor grammar, we’re so sorry.

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