Green diamond engagement ring 2.11 ct

Green diamond engagement ring from is a beautiful white gold ring with 2.11 cts green diamond, yes it has vintage style.

The current owner save this WONDERFUL diamond ring in her safe, and never wear it for daily activities. Was a size 6.5 when she bought this green diamond engagement ring and she purchase bigger gold until size 8.

Like it name “Green diamond engagement ring” the center holds a beautiful GREEN DIAMOND SOLITAIRE that weighs 1.21cts, and .90cts of G/VS white diamonds. How about the appraisal? Well the owner said it done April 2009 for $7000 yeah the gold much lower at this time.

With gold prices being as high as they are today it wouldn’t surprise me if you were to get a new appraisal that it would be over $8000 (Remember this is 18kt gold ” NOT ” 10kt or 14kt gold)

Wanna buy this green diamond engagement ring?

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Green diamond engagement ring

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