Nickel-Free Wedding Enhancer Rings

For people who have sensitive skin, even some element from nature become very harmful. Including nickel that usually exist in wedding enhancer rings or another kind of jewelry.

So how to get nickel-free wedding enhancer rings? Pay attention to these nickel-free metals & components.

It better to keep away from base-metal alloys entirely, and instead use pure precious metal on our wedding ring enhancer.
All nickel free list:

Sterling silver is an alloy, but there is 0% nickel, so most people use it. At least sterling silver use 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper. One more kind of sterling silver, Tarnish-resistant Argentiumâ„¢ sterling silver is 6.3% copper, 1.2% germanium, and 92.5% silver.

Niobium is a metal that never attracted to any other metals, so it’s very safe. Absolutely nickel free in nature and very low corrosion. Niobium available in anodized (non-plated) colors.

Titanium is also a metal that totally nickel free in nature. Like niobium, low corrosion. Because of this, titanium is the best use in medical implants and is a great choice for jewelry.

14kt yellow gold is commonly created in those elements: 25% pure silver, 58% pure gold, and 17% pure copper. Gold sometimes alloyed with other metals, too. and pay attention please! white gold does contain nickel (for strengthen the alloy and give color).

One of nickel-free wedding enhancer ring yellow gold from Helzberg.

nickel-free wedding enhancer ring gold


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