Large Pear Sapphire Ring Enhancer

What a ring enhancer! This item is perfect for any solitaire engagement rings. Pear-shaped sapphire ring enhancer comes with 10k white gold available in many jewelry shop, because this sapphire cut already trending nowadays, but in online shopping like Amazon you can get the affordable one. Large Pear Sapphire Ring Wrap Guard Enhancer 10k White Gold. Today pear cut wrap is very popular, it’s on the top of women fashion.

The jeweler now created a little bit larger version for bigger solitaires. This gorgeous enhancer has two pear cut 6×4 mm (.50 ct each) genuine sapphires. Available on solid white gold but you can order it with yellow gold OR with any gemstones but sapphire. Before ordering any jewelry send email to them for availability. There is 5 mm gap between the sapphires. So the gemstone or diamond of your solitaire must be smaller to fit, then you don’t need jeweler to adjust it. Please do not assume all solitaires will fit. If you have trouble measuring email us for help or a copy of our ring guard guide. Attention please! White gold is not nickel-free jewelry.


large pear sapphire ring enhancer

large pear sapphire ring enhancer by Donna T

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