Chocolate diamond enhancers

chocolate diamond enhancers DIAMONDRINGENHANCERS.ORG. Do you have cathedral mounted solitaire? Finally! We found a beautiful chocolate diamond enhancers which commonly called diamond ring guard insert that is more than good enough for this solitaire. This is stunning solid 14k white gold with .38 ctw of brown and white diamonds set. Choose smaller mounting for yourself, the style cannot be adjusted at the bridge by a jeweler. You can get perfect size on jeweller though. The wrap weighs 6.1 grams and is a size 7 sizable by your local jeweler.

It’s difficult to tell from the images but the enhancer’ side is as gorgeous as cathedral solitaire’ side. Unfortunately, the jeweller don’t have any cathedral solitaire in stock so they can not take a picture of it with this chocolate diamond enhancers. But absolutely it’s very beautiful with other cuts. They take a picture of it with regular tiffany mounted 1 ct solitaires (not included) you can try it with yours. This diamond gap is 6 mm (1/4 inch). Sometimes chocolate diamond also called cognac diamond.

So many Chocolate diamonds found in Australian diamond mines. A huge amount of scientific research looking for answer why and how the origin of the color of this kind of diamond. Many causes have been identified, irradiation treatment is one of them, and sometimes nickel lattice defects and impurities associated with plastic deformation made the diamond color chocolate.

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