The History of Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamonds have gone through various passage of time to be considered as a timeless beauty for an engagement ring. These stones are renowned for their extreme durability and sparkling beauty. As they could last for a lifetime, diamonds have become the symbol of a timeless love, a beauty that can stand the harsh test of time. Not to mention, diamonds are also versatile as they could flatter any outfit with their sparkle and pure brilliance. It is really no surprise why diamond engagement ring is one of the most popular choices for a wedding or an engagement ring. While they are generally pricey, but the price is worth the value of this precious gem. There’s a history behind why diamond is often used as a centre gem for an engagement ring though. It goes back to a long, long time in the past. More than just a tradition, there is a history behind why there are so many people who are willingly choose diamond engagement ring as their nuptial band.
The History behind Diamond as a Gem for an Engagement Ring
Upon a man’s marriage proposal, he would present his bride with an engagement ring which is adorned with gems or beautiful ornaments. This tradition is believed by many anthropologists to be dated back to the Roman era, when it was a custom for wives back in the day to wear rings that are attached to small keys owned by their husbands, signifying the men’s ownership towards their women. The traditions continues until in 1447, the very first diamond engagement ring was commissioned by Archduke Maximillian of Austria in regards to his engagement with Mary of Burgundy. Starting from this point, diamond engagement ring managed to become a trend amongst the European nobility and aristocracy. The tradition continues to the Victorian era, where the diamond ring is accompanied by a delicately meticulous ornate design that combined diamonds with other gemstones, enamels, and precious metals. These rings are often designed in the shapes of small flowers and were called as “posey rings”. Meanwhile, in Edwardian era, the diamond ring tradition is commonly crafted with other jewels and designed in filigree settings.
For those who came from lower class than those belong to nobility and aristocracy, buying diamonds is almost an impossible feat due to its extremely expensive prices and rarity. But that situation does not last too long as in 1870s, many diamond mines are discovered in Africa. These mines then owned by The De Beers Company, spreading the hype of diamond engagement ring even more. The business slowed down during hard economic times in the United States, as a result, the company makes series of aggressive marketing campaigns using glamorous movie stars adorned in sparkling diamonds as well as photographs that show the brilliance of the gem. As a result, the sales of diamond rings managed to increase by fifty percent and the trend continues up to this day, when diamonds are still the most prized gems for an engagement or wedding ring.

The History of Diamond Engagement Ring

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