Best Nickel Free Engagement Ring

Are you ready to get down on your knee and propose your girlfriend? Of course, you will need some things to prepare a good proposal. You might need flowers, candle light dinner, and a ring to propose. It is a must to prepare an engagement ring to propose. Some engagement rings are good in design but they can be harmful to put on finger if the rings contain nickel. Hence, it is better to prepare a nickel-free engagement ring. There are some engagement rings without nickel that you need to consider below.
Yellow gold ring
One of the best nickel-free rings that you should figure out is yellow gold ring. This ring is categorized in less pure gold because it contains pure gold, silver, and copper. It is better to choose yellow gold ring than white gold ring which contains nickel for engagement ring. If you mind to choose yellow gold which is alloyed with silver and copper, you can choose yellow gold ring which is alloyed with other metals. By alloying the gold and metal, you can get durable ring and of course nickel free. You can choose the lighter one for your girl with 10K or 14K. Propose your girl with best nickel free engagement ring by considering the materials which are safe to put on finger.
Sterling silver ring
Other nickel-free engagement ring is sterling silver ring. You can consider this ring to propose your girlfriend because it is safe for finger. This kind of ring contains dominant pure silver and only seven to eight percent of copper. This ring can be used of the most people because it is safe to wear on finger. You can find this sterling silver ring with a quality stamp because it contains pure gold about 92.5%. However, some countries do not allow any precious metal with the quality stamp like in US. It is better to consider sterling silver ring for your engagement if you mind to choose gold ring as engagement ring.
Other nickel free engagement ring can be made from other elements such as Niobium and Titanium. These elements are usually used for gemstone to stimulate color. These elements are nickel free and durable from any corrosion. You can choose gemstone for your engagement which contains these elements. Some popular gemstone such as Sapphire and Turquoise are made from these elements. Prepare nickel free gemstone and band to make the best engagement ring!

Best Nickel Free Engagement Ring

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