Blue Sapphire Ring Enhancers

This Blue Sapphire Ring Enhancers are elegant modern wedding ring enhancers from Ann Harrington Jewelry. Comes with Navy and Royal Blue sapphires, you can choose the best ring enhancers for you and lovely dear. Ann Harrington Jewelry is San Diego based jewelers, their collection is huge including antique also modern Style RINGS, Sapphire ring enhancers, Diamond Engagement RING SETTINGS, RING GUARDS and RING WRAPS online! Various discount available! FREE GIFT* with FREE Shipping*. Free shipping available for minimum $500 purchase, for worldwide customers excluding Singapore and Nigeria. Including this sapphire ring enhancers called 14k White or Yellow Gold Genuine Blue Sapphire Ring Enhancer.

Their customer said:

“My tenth wedding anniversary was May 25th. I ordered a sapphire ring from your website on the 24th and asked that you help expedite shipping if you could. You had the ring shipped overnight so I’d have it on our anniversary. When I arrived home, I had time to get it ready to present to my wife at dinner ….”


* blue sapphire enhancer
* sapphire ring enhancers and wraps

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